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When it comes to pizza franchises,

we're in the upper crust!

Watch this video to hear from our Founder, Jerry Cianflone, about why it's never been a better time to own your own slice of a Pizza Hotline Franchise.

Apply for a Franchise

35+ Years in Business, in numbers
volume Strong chain-wide average unit-volumes*
investment ratio High investment ratio*
cash flow Happy & Returning Customer Base *

partnership Long-term Franchisee partnerships*
renewal High Franchise renewal rate*


Why franchise with us?

At Pizza Hotline we believe strongly in going above and beyond the bottom line, and see our Franchisees as team members that we want to grow and succeed with us. We only bring in people that are just as passionate as we are, and continuously strive for excellence and innovation like we do. From this belief we've developed a host of industry-leading franchise supports and services that best set up our franchise partners for success.

World-Class Total Training

Pizza Hotline goes well beyond the standard training package for our Franchisees. With a diversified, thorough, and considerate learning design, our Team makes sure that you are confident, capable, and ready to lead by example in your location for opening day. With a mix of masterclasses, virtual learning, hands-on skill building, and mentorship the Pizza Hotline training program truly is second-to-none.

“White Glove” Store Construction

Our Franchise Development Team works to eliminate one of the biggest pain points for would-be Franchisees, the store construction process. With robust design, construction services, and equipment packages already in place we take out the hours of quote-finding, sourcing, and project management that would normally be a Franchisee’s responsibility and let them focus on what matters most, their knowledge and excellence in the Pizza Hotline brand.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

Our internal Marketing team works to keep Pizza Hotline's brands at the top of their customers' minds at all times. Marketing is tough, but from direct mail to SEO to Social Media, and everything in between, our staff is always creating the next best campaign and offering their professional support, be it through additional in-store campaign creation, guidance and insight, or design, to our Franchisees so that you can go above and beyond in growing your business.

Omni-Channel Order Taking Centre

Our Order Taking Centre alleviates a huge part of the responsibilities of day-to-day restaurant management of our Franchisees so that they can focus on building their business. Leading technology coupled with an experienced team of dedicated staff allow our Order Taking Centre to manage all customer relationships, be it through order taking, complaint resolution, or general inquiries via phone, web, social media, e-mail, text, or more.

Technology & Information Systems

A technological leader in food service, Pizza Hotline & keeps us on the cutting edge of tech and innovation. The restaurant industry is changing faster than ever, but our team works to push our brand into the future, and to design systems and innovations that create meaningful efficiencies for our Franchisees in their business present and future.

Accounting & Operations Support

Our dedicated internal Accounting & Operations support staff works tirelessly to help our Franchisees navigate the waters of inventory, profit & loss, food & labour management, and the other trickier parts of running your own business. From bookkeeping services and complimentary reviews of financials to support and advice from Operations Specialists with decades of experience in food service, our Accounting and Operations Support teams work to make managing your business as easy as possible.

Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization

Robust logistics and supply chain management and support are provided to all of our Franchisees. We continuously source out the best ingredients, equipment, and pricing for everything that goes into our restaurants so that we can translate those savings to our Franchisees. We know how easily costs can ramp up without a careful eye, and with our buying power and continuous consideration, we fight to get the absolute best value for our Franchisees, so that you don't have to.


Who makes a great Franchisee?

Passion, innovation, and excellence. Those are the three things that we look for in each and every Prospective Franchisee at Pizza Hotline. We want to work with genuine people who want to make every single Customer experience unforgettable. People whose daily routines mean going above and beyond. We want to bring on Team Members who care about their communities and work in them to make a difference. We want to work with people with an eye for the long-term, and who want to grow and aren't afraid to be outside of their comfort zones in doing it. We want our Franchisees to be people who love working hands-on and who make sure that their tomorrow looks better than their today, each and every day.

Being a Franchisee is not easy work, it's rewarding work. We're proud of our Franchisees and of our history in supporting people with a dream for a better quality of life. If you don't meet financial requirements as stated here additional opportunities may be available to you at Pizza Hotline. Reach out and see if there isn't an opportunity for you!

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See what our Franchisees have to say
Antonio (Tony) Anastsio,
Pizza Hotline Takeout & Delivery
Zevin Bulka,
Pizza Hotline Stone Fired Pizzeria
Victor Zhbanov,
Pizza Hotline Takeout & Delivery


Requirements for application

The Pizza Hotline Franchisee selection process is thorough, detailed, and extensive. Want a slice of the pie? See below for the steps involved in opening your own location.

$30 000.00                  Franchise + Training Fee

$30 000.00 +             Working Capital Requirement

$200 000.00 +          Store Construction + Equipment Package

$260 000.00 +         

*Note that these figures are general estimates and may change at any time without prior notice in the sole discretion of Pizza Hotline

Typically Franchisees will have a minimum of $60 000.00 cash on-hand, and will obtain the rest of the funds through independent financing. Ideal candidates will also have a background in management and/or restaurants, be prepared to work full-time, and a history of community involvement.

Think you've got something special? Apply for
Special Consideration

This opportunity includes:
- Reduced Franchise + Training Fee
- No money down store construction
- No upfront royalty payments
   for certain period

This opportunity requires a candidate who:
- has extensive restaurant experience, or is willing to work for Pizza Hotline for a period of time
- is living in or able to relocate to the right market
- shows an unparalleled commitment to and passion for our restaurants

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Some things you should expect as a Franchisee


Being hands-on

An Owner-Operator is someone who works in their business every single day. Being in your store, and being in your community, in at least a full-time capacity is expected of all of our Franchisees.


Franchising is a wholistic investment. Of course, some dollar amount is needed to get you started. At Pizza Hotline this includes your Franchise Fee, your store construction, and your working capital requirements.

Complexity & Risk/Reward

As a Franchisee you are responsible for all aspects of your store. While we train and support you, ultimately success and ROI are dependent on your hard work, experience, and leadership/management skills.

High selectivity

Making a decision to bring on new Franchisees is not one that we make lightly. We want exceptional people, and will not settle for less when sharing this opportunity with new Team Members.


The application process

The Pizza Hotline Franchisee selection process is thorough, detailed, and extensive. Want a slice of the pie? See below for the steps involved in opening your own location.


1. Application

   A. Preliminary Application

   B. Qualification

   C. Interviews & Assessments

   D. Formal Franchise Application & Disclosure

2. Selection

   A. Training

   B. Store Construction

   C. Business Plan Refining


3. Grand Opening
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Our Story

Founded in 1986, Pizza Hotline has been a story of hard work, passion, and an obsession with delivering unparalleled value in every market. From a single Italian Restaurant, to the market-beating brand of today, watch below to hear our Founder, Gennaro (Jerry) Cianflone, share our story.

Ready to join this story? Click below to submit a request for more information. We'd love to talk.

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"We know how hard it is to be in the restaurant business. That's why we do the heavy lifting and set you up for success."

                - Jerry Cianflone, Founder


Our Concepts

Pizza Hotline Takeout & Delivery

Tried and tested in the Manitoba market for over 30 years, Pizza Hotline Takeout & Delivery has consistently been a market dominator, beating out all local, national, and international pizza players year after year. With an emphasis on value and quality, robust and thought-out processes, backed by delicious food offerings, and strong franchise support services this concept is unbeatable. Our slogan, "Great Pizza at a Great Price", says it all.

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Pizza Hotline Stone Fired Pizzeria

Taking the elements of speed, quality, and customizability from Fast-Casual, the restaurant industry's fastest-growing segment, Pizza Hotline Stone Fired Pizzeria combines those with the time-tested elements of its' sister Takeout & Delivery model to create the perfect urban pizza place. With high-quality ingredients, a small, efficient footprint, and authentic stone fired ovens that cook your pizza in just 180 seconds, this concept is the perfect choice for someone looking to open up in urban or metropolitan centres.

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*Investing in a Pizza Hotline Franchise requires a significant financial investment and, like other franchise investments, involves businesss risk. This information is not intended as a risk assessment, financial or investment information, or as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a Franchise. It is intended only for general and high-level historical information purposes about the Pizza Hotline system.  It may be subject to change at any time without prior notice.   We offer Franchises solely by means of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Only our FDD provides relevant information about investing in our Franchises and the financial performance of our system and Franchises.  Before investing in our Franchise, make an informed investment decision, thoroughly study our entire FDD, conduct due diligence investigation about a Pizza Hotline Franchise and consult with your legal, accounting and business professionals. Certain provinces and states have laws governing the offer and sale of Franchises. If you are a resident of one of these provinces or states, we will not offer you a Franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable legal requirements in your province or state. We make every effort to maintain accurate franchise data but do not guarantee or nor assume liability for incorrect data in any part of this website. We recommend that anyone seriously interested in pursuing a Pizza Hotline franchise opportunity review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) with an attorney and accountant.  If you have any questions about this information, please contact us.